About Tilghman Island Seafood


At Tilghman Island Seafood, we combine traditional fishing techniques with modern sustainability practices to bring you the best catfish on the market. Our team is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards from the waters of Tilghman Island to your store shelves. We believe in supporting our local community and preserving the rich marine life of the Chesapeake Bay.

Our Heritage

Tilghman Island has a rich history of fishing and seafood culture, and we’re proud to be a part of that legacy. Our community is built on a deep respect for the environment and the resources it provides. We’ve embraced sustainable fishing practices to ensure that future generations can enjoy the bounty of the Chesapeake Bay.


Quality and Sustainability

At Tilghman Island Seafood, quality is our top priority. We believe that great seafood starts with responsible sourcing and handling. That’s why we work closely with local fishermen who share our commitment to sustainability. From the moment our catfish are caught to the time they reach your shelves, every step is taken to preserve their freshness and flavor.

Our Process

Our catfish are farm-raised in the pristine waters of the Chesapeake Bay, where they thrive in a natural and controlled environment. Once harvested, our fish are carefully processed and packaged to maintain their quality. We offer a range of cuts and packaging options to suit the needs of our customers, ensuring that they receive the best catfish possible.


Community and Commitment

We’re more than just a seafood company; we’re a part of the Tilghman Island community. We take pride in supporting local businesses and initiatives that make our home a better place. Our commitment to our customers extends beyond the quality of our products; it’s about building relationships and trust that last a lifetime.